The World is Getting Cheaper and Cleaner Energy; Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out

Paris in Green
City Hall in Paris, France are lit in green symbolizing the national commitment to the goals set in 2015.

The world is not going to react in this time the same way it did the last time a U.S. President backed out of an international climate agreement. The economics of renewable energy were not favorable in 2001 when the Kyoto Protocol began to unravel, however, they are today.  The cost of solar panel systems is now cheaper than the continued use traditional electricity  sources, with or without tax incentives.

Rooftop solar in particular is affordable because power is generated at the place it is used, instead of having to travel through an aging and expensive grid. In rural developing countries, it is a much more practical solution than installing hundreds of miles of wires. Meanwhile fossil fuels have become much harder to harvest as the easy to access reservoirs have been depleted.

Renewable energy options for New York homeowners are as robust as ever and most require zero out of pocket while still providing savings anywhere between 25-75%. Cumulatively this is enough to fund a college education. As the cost of living continues to increase it is important to remain fiscally competitive and to remember that the rest of the world will be using renewable energy to their advantage.

Contact us to have a representative explain how renewable energy  can help your family!

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