News: Tax on Panel Imports Could Raise Prices by This Winter 

If two manufactures get their way, solar will become more expensive soon. Last week Suniva and SolarWorld convinced the U.S. International Trade Commission that imported solar panels hurt their business, asking for a tariff and price minimum. The commission will have to met again before November to consider options before President Trump makes a decision.

Right now, due to technology advancements and heavy incentives, going solar in New York City or New Jersey so much cheaper than remaining 100% grid supplied; I do not foresee the proposed tariff making solar unaffordable in these areas. President Trump won election by promising to protect manufacturing jobs and overall has been critical of solar, so homeowners and businesses should get solar now, while prices are low.

A tax on solar imports would be bad for America’s workers and the environment. Installing solar panels involves much more labor (two workers, one full day per house), than manufacturing. Some people are willing to pay more money for American made solar panels, however, most want the cheapest reliable option so a price increase will hurt demand.

Getting solar panels sends a clear message in the neighborhood and towards Washington as all nations and peoples must work together to create a cleaner environment.


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