“My Children Will (Get Solar Panels) When They Take Over the House.” 

Almost everybody acknowledges that solar is the near future, or as any economist would call it, right now, because to get the most benefit for you and your family, being ahead of the curve is vital.

We are at the point where even without tax incentives solar is more cost effective for homeowners and utility companies than continuing 100% grid supply. Yet federal and state tax credits, along with New York City’s property tax abatement, are still in place to cover up to 75% of solar expenditures. The balance can be paid on a monthly schedule, instead of giving the money to Con Edison, until you own your power source outright.

Basically the solar tax credits won’t last much longer because they are no longer needed to make solar affordable and the government has other priorities. Once those credits are gone 100% of the cost of solar for new customers will have to be paid by the homeowner.

In closing, If you could go back to 2004, you wouldn’t say, “I’ll wait until the guy from The Apprentice becomes president to buy Google stock.”

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